Blair’s Cold April Weather: Is This Normal?

Blair Nebraska Cold April Weather

Blair, Nebraska, generally welcomes the arrival of spring with blossoming trees, blooming flowers, and milder temperatures. However, the city has also experienced its share of unusually cold and snowy April weather in the past. In this article, we delve into three notable examples of such weather events that have left their mark on April weather history.

Blair witnessed an extraordinary snow event on April 8th, 1973, when a potent snowstorm blanketed the region with nearly a foot of snow. This heavy accumulation break previous records set in April 1912. The storm caused significant travel disruptions, with flights delayed or canceled, and several schools and businesses were forced to close due to the treacherous conditions. Although the snowstorm was not accompanied by extreme cold, it remains a standout event in the region’s weather history due to the substantial snowfall so late in the season.

April 1997 was a remarkably cold month for, with an average temperature of just 44.3°F (6.8°C), ranking it as the fifth coldest April on record. Throughout the month, Blair experienced several days with temperatures dipping below freezing, raising concerns for the region’s agricultural industry. Farmers faced the challenge of protecting crops and livestock from the unseasonably cold conditions, as fruit trees and other temperature-sensitive plants were at risk of frost damage.

Blair experienced a record low temperature for April on the 7th in 2018 when the mercury plummeted to a frigid 14°F. This extreme cold shattered the previous record low set way back in 1893. The icy temperatures were accompanied by snow, adding to the challenges faced by residents during this unseasonably cold start to the month. The 2018 event underscores the importance of being prepared for unexpected weather, even during what is typically considered a milder time of year.

And, just last year the low temperature for Blair was 19 on April 19.

These historical weather events demonstrate that our area in Nebraska, has seen its share of cold snaps and snowstorms in April throughout the years. Given that the average last Frost Date is April 29, what seems like unusual April weather serves as a reminder that springtime in Blair can be cold longer than we remember or want.

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