Blair Nutrition’s Jordyn Lynn Smith, “I’m your girl!”

Jordyn Lynn Smith Blair Nutrition Staff
2021, June 29, Tuesday

If you want a healthy dessert – that “Blizzard” without all the calories – then I’m your girl.

Jordan Lynn Smith, Blair Nutrition

BLAIR TODAY: Jordyn, before we talk about your business, we should clear something up. The name for your business will not be “Bear” Nutrition, instead you will be, “Blair” Nutrition.

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: Correct. I wanted to change the reputation of the business. So, I kinda wanted to change a couple things. Nothing too big – just little minor changes. And, that was one thing that was easy.

BLAIR TODAY: What will your core business be, and what led to your ownership?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: I actually own another “nutrition club” out in Village Pointe (Omaha). That club is called “On Pointe Nutrition.” When I opened those doors, I dreamed of opening in Blair – my ideal location. But, the original owner opened right before I was ready, and it was obviously not meant to be at that time. When the original owner reached out to me I knew there was no doubt that I wasn’t going to work with him – see what was going on, and go from there. We are a Herbalife “nutrition club,” and we have a bunch of them all over Omaha, and we all work together to build them…

BLAIR TODAY: Is that the “Herbalife” that’s been around the last forty years or so?


BLAIR TODAY: Is this a retail storefront, or, “business opportunity”?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: Both. Mostly retail storefront, but if people are interested, and they talk with me, it could be an opportunity for them. But, it’s not something that’s necessarily connected with the storefront.

BLAIR TODAY: Is this business something that’s a personal pursuit because of a lifelong search for better health?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: It’s kinda something I came into a few years ago. I’ve always been athletic and into sports. I’ve always been one to work out, but never one to care what I put into my body. And, it’s definitely become a change for my life. It’s helped me lose a lot of weight and become a lot healthier. So, it’s something I want to teach more people about.

BLAIR TODAY: Now, in 2021 the term “losing weight” could “trigger” some people who might claim you’re not very “tolerant” or “nice.” With the “body positivity movement,” do you feel it might be tough to get people through your doors?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: I think it’s really the way you tell your story. I knew I wanted to lose weight to be more confident in my body. But, like you said, everyone’s going to have their own confidence – but, it’s more of the health aspect for me. I don’t really care about my weight number, I just care about feeling comfortable and being healthy with my numbers like thyroid and all those things. You’re right, it’s not necessarily about weight, it’s more just being healthy.

BLAIR TODAY: Well, to be clear, there is a weight epidemic in this country. The average American man weighs around 200 pounds. The average American woman is pushing 170. These numbers are not healthy. If you talk about “losing weight” these days, somehow you’re on the wrong side of the conversation a lot of the time. But, back to what Blair Nutrition will be about. What will you offer, and what health benefits can people expect?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: We do protein shakes which have 24 grams of protein – or more – under 250 calories, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. So, pretty much like a meal replacement. And, they taste delicious. Most people say they’re like a dessert. Then, we have energizing teas. The teas have zero grams sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories. The teas help with digestion with the aloe in them. And, we also have a B12 vitamin that helps with energy – you can add other supplements, too like probiotics or immunity-boosters. We also do protein coffees that give you healthy energy with 15 grams of protein.

BLAIR TODAY: You mentioned a “dream” to open in Blair. However, there were a number of similar businesses come and go in Blair – it seems like a tough area for this product. Why was Blair your dream market?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: I have been in Blair close to twenty years. I know the community. I know the market. I just know it’s something that will benefit not just the small community, but also those that come around as well for sporting events – really, for any events. We are just a healthier option, and something a lot of people have been itching for. I know a lot of the Blair community comes out to our Omaha location. So, I know that the market is there. It’s just you gotta do it correctly, and actually promote it and help your community, rather than just kinda throw something out there and just hope for the best.

BLAIR TODAY: I did not expect to hear the word “Herbalife” in this discussion. I suspect our readers will also be surprised. From what I understood that sort of business is normally done “person to person,” and not in a retail setting. Did something change in “Herbalife?” What led to this new paradigm?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: Herbalife did start with a “face to face” model. But, over the last 10 to 15 years they’ve been doing storefronts all over. They say that down south you have more Herbalife “nutrition clubs” than Starbucks. These are popping up all over the country. The first one in Omaha started about 3 years ago. There are now about 24 in the Omaha area. They’re just starting to make it to the smaller communities – again, the reason I headed to Blair.

BLAIR TODAY: It seems like a bold step. It feels like a broad change in this type of marketing…

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: That’s why I love this so much. I can create it into what I want. It’s not just “here’s some protein, go do it at home, and good luck with yourself.” People can come in and learn about it. If they just want to enjoy the products, great. If they want to learn more and do this from home or start a business, cool, but overall I want people to learn about it because it helped me and tastes amazing. I drink it way too much. I don’t think I eat much food any more, I’m always drinking stuff.

BLAIR TODAY: What would you say to someone with a prior opinion about Herbalife that might not be as positive as your experience?

JORDYN LYNN SMITH: If you want a healthy dessert – that “Blizzard” without all the calories – then I’m your girl. Yes, I get the Herbalife thoughts but, it’s really more than that. This is my small business where I want to create happy, healthier lives in Blair.

Blair Nutrition will open 2021 July 18, Sunday at 7AM. You can find them at 1526 Washington Street in Blair.

Jordyn Lynn Smith of Blair Nutrition, Blair, Nebraska