Blair’s Home-Run Fundraiser

American Legion Steak Fry

The Blair American Legion Post #154’s annual Steak Fry fundraiser is a cherished event that unites the community to support their local Jr. and Sr. American Legion Baseball teams. Steve Appel, spokesperson for the event, shared insights about the Steak Fry’s history, impact, and partnership with the Blair Volunteer Fire Department.

Appel emphasized the long-standing tradition of the Steak Fry, stating, “We have been holding the Steak Fry for as long as I can remember and it has always been well attended and supported. It is our main fundraising event for the Legion baseball programs.” He fondly reminisced about the early days when “people would stick around and play games of chance. Those events were huge for the Legion and the baseball program.”

Regarding the collaboration with the Blair Volunteer Fire Department, Appel explained, “Steve Rounds, ‘Dinger’ was the Legion Commander for years and he also is on the Blair Fire Department. I believe that’s how they were introduced in to help cook for the event.”

Appel highlighted the importance of the funds raised during the Steak Fry in supporting the Jr. and Sr. American Legion Post 154 Baseball teams: “The Jr and Sr teams would have to pay a significant higher amount to play baseball… Our guys pay a lot less than that.” He added, “The money we raise helps pay for uniforms, equipment, umpires, entry fees into tournaments and lodging if they’re playing in a tournament or the state tournament if they’re playing. Blair is fortunate that we have such good support from the businesses who help sponsor by having their sign at the Vets Field as well as the community who come for a good steak.”

In addition to the mouth-watering food, attendees can expect a convivial atmosphere. Appel shared, “We offer eat in and take out orders. I would say more than 50% get their meals to go. Those that stay usually help the lounge out by drinking some adult beverages while eating.” He also mentioned a raffle held by the Sons of American Legion: “The drawing for these items will be held the night of the Steak Fry.”

The Sons of the American Legion (SAL) is an organization affiliated with the American Legion, a prominent veterans service organization in the United States. Founded in 1932, the SAL is open to male descendants of American Legion members and veterans who served during specific conflicts. With a strong focus on community service, fundraising for veterans causes, and promoting patriotism, the SAL operates at local, state, and national levels to support the goals and values of the American Legion, often working in close collaboration with their parent posts.

For those who cannot attend the Steak Fry but still wish to support the Jr. and Sr. American Legion Post 154 Baseball teams, Appel assured, “We will take donations at any time. Also, they can buy raffle tickets from SAL members at any time before the drawings.”

Through Steve Appel’s words, the Blair American Legion’s Steak Fry comes to life as a true community event that not only brings people together but also supports the local baseball teams in a significant way. With a long-standing tradition and strong community backing, the Steak Fry continues to be an integral part of Blair’s local sports scene.

Edited by Don Harrold for BlairToday.

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