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Phil Green Blair Nebraska

The City of Blair, Nebraska, welcomes Phil Green as the new City Administrator, following the retirement of long-serving City Administrator, Rod Storm (1989 to 2023). Green, who previously served in Blair, returns after a successful tenure as Deputy City Administrator for the city of Papillion.

In an exclusive interview with Phil Green, he shared his experiences in Papillion and his vision for Blair’s future using his own words.

Phil Green, City Administrator, City of Blair, Nebraska – Image Source: Phil Green, Facebook

Reflecting on his time in Papillion and its influence on his leadership style, Green said, “I’m a collaborative change agent by nature, always looking for ways to improve processes and efficiency. My three years in Papillion allowed me to observe a larger organization with more staff and financial resources to see how they handle many of the same functions done in Blair. A strong theme was using technology to leverage efficiency and reduce dependence on staff. I also observed the benefits of strategic planning and collaboration with neighboring public entities (the county, other municipalities).”

Green’s project management expertise was evident during his time in Papillion. Discussing an impactful accomplishment, he shared, “Project management is one of my strengths, and both in Blair (the construction of the Public Library and Technology Center) and in Papillion (renovation of the 100-year-old City Hall building) those skills were used to plan and oversee capital projects. The renovation of Papillion City Hall is a beautiful blending of historic features with modern technology and amenities. As Blair continues to grow and develop during the next decade, I look forward to implementing the strategic plans developed by Mayor Rump, the city council, and Blair residents.”

When asked about the top three needs Blair has that he can help solve as City Administrator, Green emphasized, “My role as city administrator is to assist the mayor and council to develop a citizen-supported strategic plan that addresses community challenges: reducing truck traffic in downtown so downtown can thrive; planning and development of housing that is affordable and varied; long-term solutions for public facilities (City Hall, Blair Volunteer Fire Department). At the same time, city staff will continue to grow and develop the skills and abilities required of a modern workforce.”

On the importance of community engagement and collaboration, Green stated, “Community engagement and collaboration doesn’t happen by accident. It is strategic and planned. I look forward to working with Mayor Rump and the city council to develop long-term plans, which will include extensive engagement with local businesses and residents. People who know me also know that I enjoy getting out to visit local businesses, restaurants, civic and community groups. A ‘community’ grows not just through physical development but also through the development of friendships and relationships.”

In response to potential concerns about his residency, Green explained, “I’m blessed with a simple, affordable house in a community that my wife and I enjoy and are plugged into. My personal challenge is to make sure no one wonders where I live because I’m plugged into Blair, involved in life in Blair, and support Blair and Washington County.”

Green summarized his role as City Administrator, saying, “My role as city administrator is to assist the mayor and city council with the development of policies and procedures that benefit the community and residents of Blair, channeled through the annual budget, and then to implement and manage the budget and city staff as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

The City of Papillion expressed their appreciation and support for Green’s new role, with the Mayor of Papillion, David Black, recognizing him for his leadership during a recent City Council meeting. Although sad to see him go, they acknowledge the importance of this new opportunity for Green and the City of Blair.

With Phil Green’s collaborative leadership and proven project management skills, the City of Blair is hopeful for a new era of growth and development under his guidance as City Administrator. Green’s commitment to strategic planning, community engagement, and efficient management could serve Blair well as they face the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is not hyperbole to say Phil Green returns to Blair at a time when residents want steady hands at the top.

As Green embarks on this new chapter in his career, the support and well-wishes from his colleagues in Papillion speak to his impact during his time there. As Mayor David Black acknowledged Green’s leadership during the recent City Council meeting, the City of Papillion expressed their understanding of the significance of this opportunity for both Green and Blair.

By Don Harrold for BlairToday. Email for corrections or additions.

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