Blair City Council Meeting Highlights Urban Governance and Infrastructure Advancements

Blair Nebraska City Council

The recent Blair City Council meeting on May 9, 2023, showcased significant developments in urban governance and infrastructure under the leadership of City Administrator Phil Green. The meeting addressed key issues such as housing, law enforcement, tax increment financing, infrastructure projects, and administrative concerns. These discussions reflect the council’s commitment to promoting community welfare and fostering sustainable growth. Here are the key highlights from the meeting.

City Administrator Phil Green’s strategic focus on housing governance was evident with the appointment of Laurie DeVivo to the House Blair Housing Authority board. This appointment aims to enhance housing policies and address the pressing needs of the community, ensuring equitable access to quality housing options.

Mayor Rump’s proclamation designating May 15, 2023, as National Peace Officer Memorial Day, and National Police Week demonstrated the council’s appreciation for law enforcement agencies. Supported by City Administrator Phil Green, this proclamation serves to honor the dedication and sacrifices of police officers while fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community.

The approval of a tax increment financing (TIF) program for the redevelopment of lot 3 on South 10th Street highlighted the council’s commitment to economic growth. Spearheaded by City Administrator Phil Green, this initiative aims to establish a fabricating welding facility for industrial equipment repair and maintenance. The strategic location near the Cargill campus ensures convenience and potential collaboration with neighboring industries.

Infrastructure development took center stage with the council’s allocation of $11 million for street construction and related improvements. Under the guidance of City Administrator Phil Green, this investment seeks to enhance transportation networks, stimulate economic vitality, and improve overall quality of life for Blair residents.

Challenges arose during the bidding process for the industrial water main project. However, City Administrator Phil Green, in line with responsible financial management, led the council’s decision to rebid the project. This step ensures adherence to budgetary constraints while prioritizing the timely execution of infrastructure projects.

Addressing transportation deficiencies, the council, guided by City Administrator Phil Green, approved the acquisition of right-of-way on Hollow Road. This initiative aims to improve connectivity and accessibility, transforming the road into a well-constructed pathway that benefits the entire community.

In collaboration with City Administrator Phil Green, the Blair Fire Department announced plans to auction their old 1989 fire apparatus. The equal division of proceeds between the City of Blair and the Blair Rural Fire Department reflects a fair and cooperative approach to resource management, strengthening both urban and rural fire services.

During the meeting, City Administrator Phil Green addressed staffing challenges within the administration. His proactive approach to recruitment ensures the timely filling of key positions, including the Treasurer and the number two Finance person. By swiftly addressing these vacancies, Green aims to maintain smooth financial operations and administrative stability.

The Blair City Council meeting on May 9, 2023, highlighted the council’s commitment to urban governance and infrastructure development under the leadership of City Administrator Phil Green. Through strategic appointments, proclamations, and initiatives to promote housing, law enforcement, tax increment financing, and infrastructure improvements, Blair is poised for sustainable growth and community well-being. With Green’s guidance, the council remains dedicated to ensuring a prosperous future for the city and its residents.

By Don Harrold, and Aimee Cothran. For corrections or additions, email

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