Linda’s Tacos Food Truck in Blair, Nebraska

Linda's Tacos Food Truck Blair Nebraska

My wife ordered a shredded-beef burrito tonight from Linda’s Tacos. This is our third time as their customer in the last three times they were set up in the O’Reilly’s parking lot in Blair. While we waited, I spoke with two other customers in line.

I asked them both had they tried Linda’s Tacos before? They both said, no. And, in the shortest – yet most accurate – reply I could think of I said, “They’re great.”

If all you read is that, you’re on the right track. To say Blair got lucky with another food truck experience with Linda’s Tacos is, “por decirlo suavemente…”

“Torta” with Pork, Linda’s Tacos, Blair, Nebraska

There is a certain charm that comes with Linda’s Tacos that’s rare these days. Maribel (whose name I hope I’ve spelled correctly), at the window is the kind of friendly where you can’t imagine a raised voice or harsh word. Soft-spoken and kind, she told us Linda’s Tacos is a family business. Mom (Linda), and eight sons and daughters, moved to Nebraska and here they are in Blair – for the last couple years.

It’s a tricky act to pull off – when it’s an act – to combine folksy and commerce. Linda’s Tacos is not an act and the good people behind the food truck are the sort we love to support.

We tried the burrito twice (once chicken, once shredded beef), three styles of taco, a chicken quesadilla and a sandwich called a “torta.” (A torta is a type of sandwich originating from Mexico. It is typically made with a crusty, oval-shaped bread roll called a “bolillo” or “teleras.” The bread is sliced in half and may be toasted or grilled before being filled with various ingredients.)

Burrito with Chicken, Linda’s Tacos, Blair, Nebraska
Image by Permission of Krista Siemer

One thing I loved was the tortilla thickness and consistency around the burrito filling. The tortillas were super thin, easy to chew, and held everything together without being the bulk of the meal. The burritos are big on fillings with the tortilla a compliment, not excuse for cheap calories like you might find in other burritos.

The spices were all well-balanced. When spicy heat is there, it’s a compliment, not overpowering. The green sauce on the side is bright, and when paired with the entrees, makes a “whole is more than the sum of the parts” experience. (I told Maribel they should bottle that sauce!) And, with a Mango Jumex as your choice of drink, the meal is complete. Really, the way the entrees, sauces, and a fruit drink work is impressive.

The tacos are of the “soft” variety. The bread and meat combinations allow for a taste of both in each bite. And, with the fresh cilantro and onions, not only is the taste what you hope for, the aroma is amazing.

Steak, Ground Beef, and Chicken Tacos, Linda’s Tacos, Blair, Nebraska
Linda’s Tacos Menu

Each of the choices we ordered was very good. It may surprise you to know, there is zero hispanic heritage in my background. Yes, if you know me, that’s a shocker. So, my review here is based on what I know: Good food. What I lack in the ability to tell you the food from Linda’s Tacos food truck is “authentic” fare, I make up with my superpower of knowing what is authentically-delicious.

Beyond the taste is the value you’ll get, as the portions are big. The burrito and quesadilla are enough for a regularly-hungry person to eat over two meals. The prices are not only reasonable but absolutely in the value-menu area when you consider all you get. You know, sometimes when you eat out or buy from a food truck you think, “This is delicious, but I couldn’t do this every week because it’s so expensive.” With Linda’s Tacos I feel like we get a bargain and will look forward to supporting them each week.

Another customer wrote, “Linda really is a true blessing to our small community and the lovers of authentic Mexican. I’ve been craving steak tacos and tried to make my own, with a complete fail of course. Linda and her team are wholeheartedly welcoming with every interaction. I can say her food is added to my weekly menu at home.”

On that count, Linda’s Tacos is a winner. (My wife will read this before it’s published and she will say the food from Linda’s Tacos is both authentic and fantastic. She’s already told me that and I write this for her to see!)

Image Source: Breanna Elliott along with the quote, “Was SO good!”

When I rate Linda’s Tacos, I will employ a five-tier rating scale:

Five Stars – 100% authentic mexicanesque fare, and Linda (Mom) made it for my wife and me, in her kitchen, and we got to enjoy the meal with the entire Linda’s Tacos family.

Four Stars – 100% authentic mexicanesque fare, and Linda (Mom) made it for my wife and me, in the food truck at O’Reilly’s and we got to chat with Maribel while we waited.

Three Stars – Panchos, El Chico, or Taco Bell restaurant. And, ease up on any comments about rating Taco Bell three stars. They’re pretty good. Not authentic, but good.

Two Stars – Panchos, or El Chicos frozen dinners.

One Star – Something I made, without a recipe, because I was feeling like something “mexican”.

With my totally-legit and professionally-modeled scale in mind, Linda’s Tacos get 4.5 stars. Because, although Linda didn’t serve her tacos to us in her home, what we got this week from her food truck only lacked a table cloth and warm embrace as we sat down to eat with her family.

Eaten, Written, and Edited by Don Harrold for BlairToday. Email with corrections or questions.

Linda’s Tacos, Blair, Nebraska

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