Junkin’ Market Days Inspires Women Entrepreneurs in Washington County

Junkin Market Days Washington County Nebraska

Nestled within the heart of every thriving community lies a spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, and connection. Junkin’ Market Days, an event bringing together local artisans, small business owners, and shoppers seeking unique and repurposed items, exemplifies this spirit. Friends Holly Mackie and Angie Conety, (junkinmarketdaysomaha@gmail.com) devoted participants in Junkin’ Market Days, recently shared insights into the event’s impact on the Washington County, Nebraska area and how it supports and empowers its community.

Holly says their business was formed as an extension from the friendship. When asked how they got started with Junkin’ Market Days, Holly remarked, “Basically, I talked Angie into it!”

For Holly, the appeal of Junkin’ Market Days was a natural extension of her love for craft fairs, thrift stores, and junk sales. She shares, “For years, we have been going to craft fairs, thrift stores, and junk sales. We enjoy the possibilities, the chance to repurpose, and the idea of unique items to decorate our homes.” Holly believes the Washington County Fairgrounds is the perfect venue for the event, explaining that it is “our back yard of Blair, NE” and is “perfectly located to attract people from small towns surrounding it and bigger towns like Fremont, Omaha, and Lincoln.”

The support Junkin’ Market Days offers to local talent is what sets it apart from other similar events. Holly explains, “We have 80 plus talented vendors, many of whom are local. We have used several resources in the community to help build our business.” The community plays a vital role in the event’s success, as Holly emphasizes, “The role of the community is to create buzz and attend the event. And of course, have fun!”

Holly fondly recalls attending a Junkin’ Market Days event in South Dakota, which left a lasting impression on her. “We attended a JMDs event in South Dakota and loved the vibe and spirit that it created. Our car was full of treasures on the way home!” This moment captures the spirit of the market, where each shopper’s experience is unique and personal, driven by their own tastes and the treasures they uncover.

In supporting local artisans and small businesses, Junkin’ Market Days plays a crucial role. Holly points out the event offers them “a big event venue for them to share their products and sell from.” It also helps promote their products on various social media platforms, bolstering their reach and visibility.

The driving force behind Junkin’ Market Days is its founder, Kerry Bamsey, who is on a mission to empower others, particularly women, to own and operate markets. Holly is full of praise for Kerry: “Let me just say, Kerry has been amazing! She had a vision and has grown JMD across several states in 2 short years. Kerry is a wealth of information and has been a great help as we grow our venue. Kerry is passionate about what she does.”

As for the future of Junkin’ Market Days, Holly expresses her hopes and aspirations: “We hope to continue hosting JMDs at the Washington County Fairgrounds. We would like to see the event grow in size and offerings. We want to continue working with businesses and members of the community.”

Ultimately, Holly and Angie’s story of Junkin’ Market Days is a testament to the power of human connection and the drive to create, repurpose, and celebrate the unique. As events like this continue to shape our communities, they remind us of the importance of supporting local talent and nurturing the bonds that tie us together.

“Junkin’ Market Days” is a market event that was founded in 2021 by Kerry Bamsey. The event is inspired by Bamsey’s love of shopping at markets that sell shabby, rusty, chippy, and farmhouse style products. Junkin’ Market Days is held twice a year in various cities in South Dakota (SD), North Dakota (ND), Minnesota (MN), and Nebraska. In addition to organizing the market events, Kerry Bamsey is also dedicated to teaching other women how to own and operate a market.

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