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As a young entrepreneur in Blair, Nebraska, Michael Buckley took his childhood ambition of earning money and transformed it into a thriving landscaping business. Buckley Landscaping has grown from a kid’s part-time venture into a reputable company that is built on hard work, passion, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Michael’s story is not only inspiring but also reflects a nationwide trend of young people starting businesses in various industries.

Across the United States, a new generation of young entrepreneurs is emerging, driven by a desire for independence, innovative ideas, and a willingness to take risks. This trend can be attributed to various factors, including the increased availability of resources and support for startups, access to technology, and the success stories of other young business owners like Michael Buckley.

Michael’s journey in the landscaping industry began when he was a child, wanting to earn some money. He recalls, “As a kid, I just wanted some money so I could buy things myself, but as I got older, I began to develop a passion for landscaping/lawn care. Now I’m here today, trying to make a real business out of it.”

One of the critical factors that set Buckley Landscaping apart from other landscaping companies in the area is the exceptional customer service. Michael always has his clients’ best interests at heart and is continually looking for ways to improve their experience. He emphasizes, “I think the customer service is what sets us apart. I’m always thinking about ways to do better for my customers.”

When asked about the most important skills for a landscape professional, Michael values hard work and perseverance above all else. “I think hard work is huge, and I value it a lot. It gets very repetitive at times and can be very difficult, but I definitely believe in finishing what you start,” he says.

His experience in tackling a challenging project involving a large property demonstrates his adaptability and willingness to learn. Michael shares, “It was just a lot to do by myself, but I learned a couple of new techniques that helped me make it way faster.”

Regarding his long-term vision for Buckley Landscaping, Michael explains, “I hope to turn it into a business that can support my family after school. I plan to continue doing the highest quality work I can for my customers.” His commitment to delivering exceptional service reflects his dedication to both his business and his clients.

As a responsible business owner, Michael is also committed to environmentally friendly practices. He explains, “Spring and fall are awesome times for me because not only do I get to take grass clippings but also fallen leaves and use them to make compost for my garden.”

For those considering a career in the landscaping industry, Michael offers some valuable advice: “Work hard and take pride in what you are doing. That’s what it takes more than anything. You can learn everything else if you start with those two things.”

To stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the landscaping business, Michael relies heavily on the internet. He shares, “The internet is huge for me. I’ve spent hours researching and learning how to make my practices better.”

While Michael Buckley starts a successful business, some young people remain idle, lacking drive or resources. This contrast emphasizes the need to nurture ambition, provide support, and encourage entrepreneurship, fostering personal and professional growth. Empowering the next generation leads to a brighter future. At BlairToday, we proudly support folks like Michael Buckley – a determined, driven young man who will work hard to earn his way. Find out more about Michael Buckley and Buckley Landscaping on Facebook or over the phone at 402-740-2041.

By Don Harrold for BlairToday. Email with corrections, additions, or questions.

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