Blair Food Truck Schedule

Blair Nebraska Food Truck Schedule

This is the officially-unofficial Blair Food Truck Schedule page. These dates and times could change depending on the food truck’s schedules and other commitments.

  • MondayLinda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM
  • Tuesday – Linda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM,
    Chef Amore’ (American Legion) 5PM – 7PM
  • Wednesday – Linda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM,
    Greek To Me (Balls Out Motors) 11AM – 7PM,
    Smoke on Arrival (Taylor Quik Pik), 5PM – 8PM
  • Thursday – Linda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM
  • Friday – Linda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM
  • Saturday – Linda’s Tacos (O’Reilly’s) 11AM – 9PM

Johnny Riccos does not have an official schedule we can find for them. If you have updates, corrections, or additions, email

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