Blair Burger King on a Saturday Night in December

Burger King in Blair Nebraska Staff Opinion
2021 December 4, Saturday

Burger King has a promotion that ends tonight. You can get a Whopper for only $0.37. The catch is you must order it online or with the BK app.

I tried to order online. Come to find out, you can’t order on the web as a “mobile” order, but you can get a code to redeem in-store for a Whopper. There is another promotion where first-time users of the BK app get a FREE Whopper with any order of at least $3.00

I downloaded the phone app – a more complex and time-consuming task than expected. I spent about 30 minutes on getting the order placed – again, more difficult than expected. My wife did the same.

We got order numbers and coupon codes. We drove to Burger King in Blair to redeem the codes and get our food. We expected to pay $3.00 for the three “Rodeo Burgers” I ordered, PLUS $0.37 times (2) for each Whopper at the promo price, PLUS a FREE Whopper (as I was first-time user of the app.)

When we got to the drive-through, the girl at the window seemed confused about our orders. The code for my order did not work. My wife’s was fine. They had the (3) “Rodeo Burgers” ready, my wife’s Whopper was ready, they had my “first-time user” Whopper, but my $0.37 whopper was not showing up with the code I got online.

The girl at the window handled it well. She was nice, professional, and, she seemed interested in our situation. She promptly got the order together for us. It did take longer than we expected – and probably they wanted – but, the end result was positive.

As we drove away, I said to my wife, “There is no way this order is going to be correct. Something surely got messed up in all that.”

I opened the bag at home. The order was absolutely right. Plus, the food was hot, fresh, well-presented, and they even added a large order of fries – that we did not order. The Whoppers looked great. Just like in a commercial.

The girl at the window was so good, so nice, and so helpful, I wish I could mention her by name. She could easily have been short, uninterested, and passed-the-buck on our order. But, she took time and care to make sure we got what we ordered, quickly. The food was beyond what I expected. The extra fries were a welcome surprise.

I give Burger King a Five-Star review for this evening’s order experience. And, consider this: All that work, kindness, and, professionalism for an order where I spent a grand total of $4.02.

If Burger King in Blair continues to offer service like that, they will become a serious contender again for the fast-food dollars so many people spend at McDonald’s across the street.