V. Ferme Boutique: A New Space for Local Artisans and Crafters in Blair, Nebraska

V. Ferme, Blair, Nebraska

Blair, Nebraska will soon welcome V. Ferme, a unique boutique dedicated to showcasing the talents of local artisans and providing a community space for learning and exploring new creative skills. Christy Jaworski, a retired police officer, is the driving force behind this establishment, which is set to become a valued destination for craft enthusiasts and shoppers in the area.

Christy Jaworski, V. Ferme, Blair, Nebraska

The name V. Ferme holds a special meaning for Christy, as she explained, “My Grandma’s name was Vera. The ‘V’ stands for her first name. As a child, I spent summers with my Grandma on her farm in Dixon, Nebraska. Ferme is the French word for farm. I have very fond memories of both. My Grandma was the person who taught me how to sew, which was the first craft I learned as a child. This was one of the skills that sparked my love of crafting and creating.”

Christy has gathered a diverse group of local artisans to showcase their handmade items at V. Ferme. She has taken a proactive approach in finding potential vendors, saying, “I have numerous friends and family members who are crafters and artists. They are showcasing their handmade items in my boutique. Several other vendors are police officers or their spouses. I have used social media and word of mouth to find other potential vendors.”

V. Ferme is also set to become a hub for creativity and learning in Blair. Christy shared her vision for the boutique, “V. Ferme will contribute to Blair by providing a makers and crafter space along with offering classes to learn numerous hand-making skills. At V. Ferme, you will be able to rent a space to store your personal crafting and art supplies. In addition, V. Ferme will provide a maker space where you may use community equipment, such as vinyl cutting machines, heat presses, sewing machines, 3D printers, and more! This equipment can be costly, and my goal is to make it more affordable for someone to learn a new craft or art.”

One of the unique aspects of V. Ferme is Christy’s personal artistic contribution. She stated, “I personally make jewelry from up-cycled bullets. I have been making this type of jewelry for the past 7 years. I believe this is unique to the area. I also make pottery. Myself, along with several other ladies in Elkhorn, Nebraska, make pottery and sell our handmade pottery through OldeTownePottery.”

Christy’s commitment to fostering community connections extends beyond the walls of V. Ferme. She mentioned, “I have already met or spoken to numerous local shop owners. We are organizing a shop hop on May 6th, which will include stores who wish to participate in Blair, but also shop owners in Fort Calhoun, Arlington, and Tekamah.”

When asked about the impact she hopes V. Ferme will have on the community, Christy said, “I hope to promote Blair and the overall well-being by doing my best to bring more business to the area. I currently live in Omaha and have plans to send business to not only my shop but all the other small businesses in the area.”

V. Ferme represents a heartwarming example of how one person’s passion can create a positive movement that enriches a community. Christy Jaworski’s vision for her boutique, rooted in her love for crafting and inspired by her grandmother, will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the town of Blair and the local economy.

V. Ferme is in the tall, black building at 1555 Washington St., Blair, Nebraska

V. Ferme, 1555 Washington Street, Blair, Nebraska

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