Blair Nebraska Dollar General

2023 March 6, Monday
BlairToday Staff

BLAIR, NEBRASKA – The Partners in Progress team of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association’s (SMACNA) Local 3 recently completed work on Dollar General’s new warehouse facility in Blair, Nebraska. The new facility represented an investment of a reported $85 million.

The facility, which spans approximately one million square feet and is located on a 160-acre site, is part of Dollar General’s efforts to expand its supply chain capabilities and improve its distribution network.

Clayco, a leading construction and design firm based in Chicago, was responsible for building the new warehouse. Their team recently announced they reached the milestone of 500 days injury-free at the Dollar General construction project in Blair, Nebraska. “We are proud of our team’s commitment to safety on the job site,” said a Clayco spokesperson. “To celebrate this achievement, our team held a site-wide lunch and prize raffle to thank everyone for their dedication to safety. Amazing job!”

Former Blair Mayor Rich Hansen expressed his enthusiasm for the new facility, saying “We’re excited to have Dollar General investing in our community and bringing new jobs to the area. This is a great opportunity for Blair, and we look forward to working with Dollar General as they continue to grow and expand.”

The new facility is expected to generate significant economic growth in the area, with the creation of approximately 400 new jobs. This is welcome news for the residents of Blair, who have faced economic challenges in recent years.

In addition to bringing jobs and safety, Dollar General’s new facility represents a significant investment in the community, which will help to support local businesses and boost the local economy. The company also stated it is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and will work to ensure that the new facility is as eco-friendly as possible.

The completion of Dollar General’s new warehouse facility in Blair, Nebraska is a positive development. The commitment to safety by both Clayco and Dollar General is commendable, and the new facility is sure to have a positive impact on the local community.

As Dollar General continues to expand its operations, it will be important for the company and its contractors to work with local communities like Blair to address any concerns and ensure that its growth is sustainable and beneficial for everyone involved. The completion of this project is a testament to the successful collaboration between Blair, SMACNA, SMART Local 3, Clayco, and Dollar General.