Blair Nebraska MCH Hand in Splint

2023 February 9, 9:53 AM
Staff Writer

We recently heard from a patient who has a complaint to share about her recent visit to our esteemed hospital’s Occupational and Physical Therapy department. The patient in question was in dire need of a custom splint to aid in the healing of her injured hand.

However, the splint that was provided was not up to the mark. The patient reports that it was ill-fitting and caused much discomfort, which was made worse by the manipulation that the therapist had to perform to make it usable. The patient is quick to praise the efforts of the therapist, who did all she could with the materials at her disposal.

The patient has taken it upon herself to seek better treatment and has inquired about facilities in the city of Omaha that might be able to provide a better-fitting splint. This leads us to question the lack of resources available at our own hospital and the need for investment in modern technology, such as 3D printers.

We urge the hospital administration to take notice of this matter and consider investing in the necessary equipment to provide better care to those in need. It is the responsibility of the hospital to ensure that its patients receive the best treatment possible, and the current situation is not up to the standard we expect.