CBD in Blair, Nebraska? Kathy Preister says, “Yes…”

Blair Nebraska CBD Kathy Preister

BlairToday.com Staff
2021 July 20, Tuesday

Did you see the space in downtown Blair that asks, “Got CBD?”

CBDI did a double-take on that a few weeks ago. You see, according to Harvard Medical School, “CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.”

Yes, if you live in Blair, “Got CBD?” Or, as some people might ask, “Got marijuana?” – or, “Got the cousin of the marijuana plant?”

Nebraska’s not known nationally as a “progressive” state with respect to anything related to marijuana. You can (should) read the law on CBD – as well as do your own research – before you form an opinion.

I thought, “There must be an interesting story behind the sign on that window.”

I called, and on the other end was Kathy Preister, a local resident many of you know. I spoke with her to find out more since I am not an expert on CBD. I do know enough to know it could be a tricky business, especially in Nebraska. The interview below was conducted via email (Kathy’s request). I did not edit any of Kathy’s text.

(1) BLAIR TODAY: This is Blair, Nebraska. CBD products in Blair seems like an idea ahead of its time. What drew you to the products in the first place?

KATHY PREISTER: In March of 2019, CBD products became legal to grow and sell in Nebraska. Many people think CBD products will make you “high” from THC. Our products contain either no THC or some contain less than the legal limit of THC so they absolutely will not make you “high.” My husband, Doug, and I have had incredible pain reduction using CBD. There are hundreds of medical studies available to document the value of CBD products that I am always happy to show to clients.

(2) BLAIR TODAY: The company you are affiliated with is a network marketing business. Normally those are “face to face” business opportunities. Why did you choose to open a public storefront on Washington Street?

KATHY PREISTER: Yes, I do a lot of face-to-face business but as an independent business associate I am also free to advertise. I am hoping that people will see the advertisement, contact my number and from there we will set up a face- to-face!

(3) BLAIR TODAY: Can someone buy the products you sell without joining as an affiliate?

KATHY PREISTER: Yes, of course you can buy CBD at a retail price and get a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love it. Many people don’t want to spend at a full retail price so they do become an affiliate to save up to 40%. Affiliates do not have to work this as a business. They can simply buy for their own family at a great savings. But, the CBD business is booming!

(4) BLAIR TODAY: What is your long-term goal with both your location, and personal business?

KATHY PREISTER: I have been working in the nutritional business for 15 years and my long-term goal is to retire comfortably and financially secure. We love living in Blair so we don’t plan on moving anywhere else.

(5) BLAIR TODAY: How do you feel the products you sell will help people?

KATHY PREISTER: The health benefits of CBD products are incredible including stress relief, reducing inflammation related to exercise and activity, promoting healthy skin, immune system support, heart health and digestive health.

(6) BLAIR TODAY: How do you feel the products and business will help the greater community of Blair?

KATHY PREISTER: At this particular time in our world everyone can benefit from stress relief and a strong immune system. And, some people are having financial difficulties too. This is a great second income you can make from home and have a 100% money back guarantee for a whole year if you don’t like the business for any reason. I couldn’t resist that safety net when I got started.

(7) BLAIR TODAY: If you had to define your business in three words, what would they be?

KATHY PREISTER: Health is Possible!

(8) BLAIR TODAY: What hours are you available both on the phone, and at the storefront?

KATHY PREISTER: People can text/call me at 402 968 6510. I have a big family and busy life but I work this great business around life. I will call back at my earliest convenience and answer all questions usually within 24 hours! I would like to add that all are welcome to an Informational Potluck Barbecue on July 31 at 6:00 at 6463 County Rd P39. We are hoping to have Celebrations once a month so stay tuned!!!!

Kathy Preister’s storefront, downtown Blair, Nebraska