Blair’s Best Food Truck for 2023

Blair Nebraska Food Truck

Blair, Nebraska is home to some of the coolest food trucks around. Last week, we had a fun survey where people voted for their favorite food truck and shared why they loved it. With 175 votes in, we’ve got the scoop on the top three food trucks that folks can’t stop talking about.

Linda’s Tacos, “Taste the Love in Every Bite!”
Votes: 29

In third place, we have Linda’s Tacos with 29 votes. People are head over heels for Linda’s authentic tacos. One customer said it best: “It is really nice to have a taco truck in Blair. The owners are absolutely lovely and they don’t skimp on the meat!” Talk about feeling the love! Linda’s Tacos has that homemade touch, and it’s like getting a warm hug with every bite. You can tell they put their heart and soul into their food, and that’s why folks keep coming back.

Smoke On Arrival, “The BBQ That Keeps You Coming Back!”
Votes: 59

Next up, in second place with 59 votes, is Smoke On Arrival. If BBQ is your thing, this is the food truck for you. Their smoky, savory BBQ has people lining up for more. One fan said, “Smoke on Arrival provides the best BBQ I’ve had in years. Great food, great service, and a lot of ‘hot’ sandwiches served from the trailer. He is such a good guy.” What sets Smoke On Arrival apart is their BBQ mastery. It’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth, and you won’t be able to resist seconds (or thirds!).

Greek To Me, “A Culinary Adventure You Won’t Forget!”
Votes: 67

And in first place, with a whopping 67 votes, is Greek To Me! This food truck is all about taking your taste buds on a journey. Co-owner Matt Baughman and his brother-in-law Chris Antonopoulos are the masterminds behind the truck, bringing authentic Greek cuisine and family recipes to Blair. They’re committed to freshness, sourcing local ingredients, and offering kid-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan options. Plus, they’ve got the best customer service! The lovely ladies Maggie and Courtney greet you with a smile and remember your name. Matt says, “Our success is in large part a credit to the way our customers are greeted and cared for by these incredible ladies.” Greek To Me also focuses on sustainability by limiting styrofoam and plastic use. With their unique approach and dedication to the community, Greek To Me has captured hearts and taste buds all over Blair.

The Votes Have Spoken!

Blair’s food truck scene is a delicious blend of love-infused tacos, BBQ brilliance, and Mediterranean magic. Each truck has its own special flair, and that’s what makes this town so awesome. Linda’s Tacos, Smoke On Arrival, and Greek To Me are the top picks, but let’s be real—every food truck in Blair is a winner in our hearts. So, grab some friends, explore the flavors, and have fun!

Note: Quotes included in this article are sourced from actual reviews in the provided survey data.

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