Blair Cruise Night 2023: “It Was Huge!”

Blair Cruise Night

Any time you host an outdoor, public event in early May, you walk a tightrope without a net. The weather can be hot, cold, rainy, or thunderstormy (a word I made up for this article, but I like and plan to use again.) Every day Matt Saunders promoted the Blair Cruise Night for 2023 – to great success as he reached over 3000 confirmed participants – the stakes grew larger, and the dice roll heavier.

The weather really would make or break the experience.

And, this year, we got weather that’s only describable as, “perfect.” There was sun, but no heat. There was wind but no storms. And, the humid, misty morning dissolved into an evening Matt Saunders and the over-3000 headed to Blair had to love.

If you are a car enthusiast you got your eye, ear, and nose candy fix. Old, new, modded, or right out of a showroom, every type of vehicle pounded the pavement up and down Washington. The crowds were the largest I’ve seen so far. The young people were out this year in a way we’ve not seen on prior Blair Cruise Nights, too. Families, friends, neighbors just together, for no reason other than to look at cars move up and down. Loudly.

The food trucks were hammered with business. At one point Linda’s Tacos looked like a blue flower fought over by too many bees. There were a couple people deep at Chef Amore (Doug told me sales were “good” in his usual matter of fact way). Don Morgan of Smoke on Arrival told me, “Tonight was great! It’s always fun to get together with old friends and having the opportunity to meet new. I’ve always claimed that I’m blessed with the best customers and always strive to meet their expectations.”

For his part, Blair Cruise Night founder, Matt Saunders wrote, “It was huge. Biggest Blair cruise night I’ve ever had. I can’t thank the community enough for the support.”

Matt’s right, I think. The biggest – and best – Blair’s had to date. It’s why I love small town America. And, it’s what makes Blair one of the best places to live.

Congratulations to Matt Saunders who pulled it off again. And, if you gamble, I would not wager against 2024 being even better.

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